Research has shown that there are over 3.5 billion Smartphone users. Mobile apps have been estimated to have a yearly download of 204 billion. Studies have also shown that mobile apps have generated $288.9 billion in revenue. One of the most amazing facts is that mobile apps have been estimated to generate up to $910.9 billion in the future.


Mobile app development is the process of developing applications for Smartphone users. Various companies and business owners are now taking advantage of this popular trend. Mobile app development is no easy task.

Before we go to the different steps involved in developing an app, let’s talk about the different benefits of owning a mobile app for your business.

1. Enhances brand visibility

Businesses can’t grow unless they build a strong online presence which mobile apps help you achieve. Once a business has a strong online presence, it helps build a strong relationship between customers and the brand. This will lead to an increase in the level of trust customers will have for a brand. With the rate at which Smartphone users download a lot of apps, mobile apps are one of the most effective ways to increase brand awareness and maintain a good relationship with your customers. This can be easily achieved when you develop an app with features at enjoying and fall in love with.

2. Helps you stay connected to your customers.

A mobile app presents your customers with a more convenient way to shop, access, and easily get to know your brand. Who wouldn’t want to keep patronizing a brand that makes accessing them very easy?

Another amazing thing about owning an app is that you can add features that will keep your customers glued to your brand. This ensures that they keep coming back to use your app. It also gives your customers easy access to you and lets you easily get and reviews about your products and services.

3. Gives your business an edge over other businesses

At the beginning of this post, we saw the numbers of Smartphone users and how they always use mobile apps. That statistics alone will show you how much visibility your business will get online once you own a mobile app for your business. Having a properly developed mobile app helps your brand stand out from other brands. This is because you are offering a more interactive and user-friendly environment.

4. Increases sales

Why else did you start your business if not because you want to make lots of money and this money can only be made through more sales?

As we all know, online shopping is the in-thing now, no one has that time or strength to go down the street to buy what they want. Everyone wants to just click a few buttons and have what they just purchased delivered to them. So if you must make more sales, you must build an online presence. This can simply be done when you have a mobile app for your business.

Now you finally agree with me that your business needs a mobile app, let’s talk about the steps involved in mobile app development


There are a lot of procedures that can be used in developing mobile apps. These procedures include a lot of steps that are time-consuming and stressful.

Imagine having to go through all such steps just to own your app, you surely would be exhausted and have spent a lot of money and time.

Luckily for you, there is another strategy which is quite simple and saves lots of your money and time. Have you heard of Inspire Mobile U Apps?

Inspire U Mobile Apps is an easy-to-use platform for customers who wish to create their custom apps without the need to code. Helps in saving time, and significantly lowers maintenance costs. We at Inspire U Apps know that when it comes to developing an app, there are many options out there that are pricey. This option needs the hiring of engineers and software developers which is something many individuals and businesses can’t afford. We have reinvented the whole app development process.

All it takes is for you to give the platform a set of simple instructions, choose your interface and our background technology will do the rest, delivering a functional app that you can start using right away. You see, it's quite simple and doesn’t need a lot of steps like the first strategy.

So what are still waiting for, talk with our professionals about your mobile app development. Visit us at today.

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